22 October 2007 | Team Tamar

New York Times and Yahoo! Launch the 3 Minute Crossword…

Tired of Those Unfinished Crosswords?

Crossword Not really a natural-born puzzle solver? Well the New York Times and Yahoo! have joined forces to assist those of us who usually abandon our attempts half way through the puzzle.  The expert crossword creators of the New York Times utilised the technology provided by Yahoo! Search to create this super quick puzzle. Will Shortz of the New York Times made mention of the key features of an effective crossword puzzle:

  1. Diagonal symmetry: The pattern of black squares should look the same when rotated 180 degrees.
  2. All-over interlock: The black squares do not cut up the puzzle into separate, distinct sections.
  3. No two-letter words.
  4. No unchecked letters: Every square appears in two words, across and down.
  5. No more than 16 percent of the grid can be black squares.

The purpose of this joint venture between Yahoo! and the New York Times is to make bloggers aware of the recently re-launched Yahoo! Search by adding hints that relate to the blog. To make matters even more interesting if you complete it by October 26, you stand a chance of winning a trip to Hawaii. Once completed consider yourself Lord of the Instant Puzzlers.

Team Tamar