5 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Microsoft CEO thinks Facebook is “a fad”

Steve Ballmer claims the social network’s appeal will fade

After Microsoft were linked to a $500 million dollar deal with Facebook last week, CEO Steve Ballmer has spoken to the Times Online about the "fad" of social networks. Proving that he might not have his finger firmly on the button, Ballmer compares Facebook to the late 90’s "Geocities" collection of websites, saying they are virtually the same – possibly also proving that he may not ever have actually logged on to Facebook…

“There can’t be any more deep technology in Facebook than what dozens of people could write in a couple of years. That’s for sure,” he said. I can’t quite decide whether he is implying that Facebook is a result of the old "Infinite number of monkeys at infinite number of typewriters" analogy, or if it’s just plain old sour grapes from Microsoft, whose own attempts at Social Networks have never gained a tenth of the publicity that Facebook has.

Team Tamar