30 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Intel launches Digg-a-like

Cool Software social media site launched for rating software

Just have a think about how many software product there are out there – the mind boogles as you start to think of the number of pieces of software that are available online. Right from mega-corps rolling out shiny new operating systems every few years to kids sat at home writing that really useful tool that is going to make them millions there are now any number of products available costing from nought to lots of pounds.

So in an attempt to help us walk this rocky road and also give people opportunity to shout about software they love Intel have launched a community site called Cool Software. You should all be familiar with the idea from the hugely successful Digg – members post information they’ve found about new and existing software and the community votes on whether its ‘cool’ or not.

The advantage is that we can now use this site to get the details of ideas that are actually interesting and useful – great for checking product trends as well.

Team Tamar