9 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Graphwise Launches World’s First Data Search Engine and Visualization Tool


To make searching for data so much easier.

Tired of
those 1 dimensional, same old analytics tools giving outdated, confusing and
inaccurate information? Well we may have the answer…

engine graphics company, Graphwise recently launched the world’s first data
search engine visualization tool. The tool is aimed to be used by web analysts,
researchers and students. The powerful and user friendly 3D  graphs and
charts allow users to compare and extract facts and figures.


compared with other web tools like Google, Yahoo!, Ask and MSN , Graphwise is the only tool that offers data
in a tabular presentation.  Not only does it give the tabular option but
it also allows the user the option using data off the desktop computer and
compare it with data off any website or URL. Graphwise has the vision of taking
search engine statistics to the next level and make Graphwise a household name
in the field of web statistics.

CEO made the following comments at the launch, “in today’s environment of
search engine specialisation if you want to search for videos you go to YouTube
and if you want music you go to iTunes. If you’re looking for tables of data we
hope you go to GraphWise."

Further to
this Graphwise also claims a better accuracy rate as opposed to conventional
search engine reporting tools. Data required for a particular survey or study
is available in seconds and this can be attributed to the patented search
technology being used. This technology also allows users to customise and save
previously used reports. Reporting in any imaginable format is possible.
Whether you would want to see graphs with row or columns, graphs compared to
tables or even create a glog (graphical log). This glog can then be downloaded
and shared with other users on the Graphwise community.

stunning 3D visualisation of data allows both analysts and random users the
flexibility to create the report that suites their needs. It does seem that web
analytics has stepped up to the next level. To infinity and beyond…for web
analytics that is.



Team Tamar