2 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Google’s Tips on How to Write a Good Meta Description

Google tells all about Meta Data! 

Google Meta Tips

On the Google blog post they describe what Google considers good Meta descriptions to help increase the odds of your descriptions being used.

Before we discuss what makes good Meta descriptions we need to understand what Meta descriptions are.  Meta descriptions have three main functions, to describe the content on your page accurately, to serve as a short, concise text advertisement for your page in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and finally to highlight targeted keywords to display the contents of your site to searchers.

Writing good meta descriptions can be just as hard to write as a successful advert but they are a critical part of ensuring traffic goes to your pages through the search engines. Here is what Google recommends:

  • Unique descriptions for each page on your site
  • Give facts about the content on the page that are not represented in the title
  • Make sure they are easy to read
  • Dynamic sites can dynamically generate descriptive meta descriptions easily
  • Make sure your descriptions are quality and represent the content on the page

So help improve your site’s ranking, click through rates, branding and maybe even your rankings, by using these simple pointers.

Team Tamar