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Google Related Searches Updated – Phew!

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
15 October 2007

Finally changed after a few months!

After a few months of stagnation it looks like Google finally got around to updating their ‘Related Searches’. These are the additional set of results that appear at the bottom of the organic listings. Usually eight in number they are links through to what Google thinks are related searches. See below for Credit Cards:


Now it is still not clear exactly where Google is getting these results from but at least they are beginning to update them which may give us more of  clue in the long term.

The quality is OK, if inconsistant. For example you could argue that links through to ‘Virgin Credit Cards’ and ‘M&S Credit Cards’ are fine but is the search for ‘bank accounts’ or ‘credit cards ireland’ really relevant?

We do like these additional searches, it gives more variation on the usual results, but overall we think the relevancy still needs some work. But well done Google for updating them!



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