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Google is Maka Maka-ing it!

Alex Christie

30 October 2007

may have lost the battle with Microsoft in the bidding war to invest in Facebook, but they aren’t taking it lying down. According to leaked information, Google is preparing their own assault on the social networking scene and it goes by the code name "Maka-Maka".

Maka-Maka will enforce Google’s grand plan to have a social layer across all of its applications.  According to Google, Maka-Maka will be launched in stages from as early as 5 November, but inside rumors have it that the launch date will be delayed, due to the fact that Google is struggling with its development.

Google will also be launching a new set of API’s, which will allow developers to build applications for Orkut, iGoogle and eventually Google’s other applications. Expectations for these API’s will be high but don’t expect them to shake up the social world as many of the first API’s will simply be copies of what is already available on Facebook.



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