5 October 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Call to Action / Conversion #1

Conversion rates explained

With a keen and growing interest in Conversion Design I recently bought Call to Action (Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results) by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. I will keep the conversion blog updated with some interested tips and valuable information as I read.

First things first, conversion rates (CR). For those that don’t already know your CR is calculated by dividing the number of visitors to your site by the number of users that took the action you wanted them to take.

Knowing your CR is invaluable not just to measure how many users are buying your product or completing your quote form etc but it’s also a measure of customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of your site. Surprisingly nearly 20% of retailers still don’t know their conversion rates.

Some Industry Average CR

Fashion: 2.2
Home & Furnishing: 2.0
Electronics: 1.2
Travel: 2.1

You can see that the general average is really low. While spending money in search can drive more traffic to your site. Investing in usability testing and persuasive design methods can increase your conversion rate and ultimately make your website more effective for the long term.

Post by Sarah Graveling

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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