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Is Google a Metrosexual?

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
28 September 2007

We think it is!

During a discussion in the office the other day, we stumbled upon a realisation – Google is a very metrosexual search engine! The signs are all there – Google is definitely in touch with it’s modern-man side. Wordspy defines a Metrosexual as "An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle." But let’s look at this in more detail:

  • Stylish – Google has always prided itself in having it’s own unique style, with the white-space and uncluttered look spreading through all their new products as well as search.
  • In touch with the latest trends – Google trends anybody?
  • Efficient and organised – Google documents lets you keep all of your correspondence and documents in one central location, how much more organised could you be?
  • Loves to dance – The ongoing Google dance is world famous in the SEM community!
  • Loves shopping – Froogle may have had mixed success but there is no denying that Google likes to snap up a bargain in the sales, with YouTube and Blogger a testament to this.
  • Constantly updating your image – Google constantly change their logo to reflect special events or days.
  • Constant travel and jetsetting – Larry and Sergei do so much travel they recently bought their own private jet!
  • Very sociable – Orkut may not be the biggest player in the social networking scene, but who knows where Google will go next…!
  • Grooming – Metrosexual men are famously well groomed, with a propensity for facial hair…!

Can anybody else think of any other connections?!



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