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Google News Results In UK SERPs – Why Bother?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
27 September 2007

News results not relevant for UK users

More and more often we are seeing ‘News Results’ from Google News in the UK search engine results. And the quality and relevancy are by and large pretty poor. A search for ‘Digtial Cameras’ brings up the following at the bottom of the SERPs:


So where does this ‘News’ results take you? To this:


This is an American review site selling Digital Cameras (ok, good relevancy) in US Dollars (bad) to an American Audience (bad, bad). And this is typical of the quality, lets check out ‘Life Insurance’.


So three results at the bottom and where do these go? A news report from CNN on plans for WSL to rename itself, to the India Times on the top three non-Life Insurance companies in India and to the Business Standard reporting from Mumbai on Max New York Life Insurance Company Ltd is looking to double its new business premium.

None of these can possibly be of interest to UK users (well, very few) and certainly trying  to interprete user intent these results are way off beam. And this is pretty typical across a wide range of results we looked at.

We understand what Google is trying to do and think it is a good idea, that is draw in results from differant sources. But until they get these results right surely it would be better not to publish them?

Users are not going to be impressed or trust incorrect and non-relevant results so even if (OK, when) Google do get it right some damage may already have been done and trust lost on these additional results.



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