4 September 2007 | Team Tamar

Bob Crow unlikely to get invited to Facebook…

If you have had trouble getting to work in London this morning, you’re definitely not in the minority.

Perhaps you’d like to talk about it?

If so, then help is at hand in the form of Facebook! Irate London commuters are showing no sympathy for the RMT or Bob Crow this morning as over 1,000 signed up to 21 Facebook groups condemning the strike action during the morning’s chaotic rush hour alone.

For those of you that might not be aware, tube workers are staging a 72-hour walkout over pensions and jobs in a very public battle with Ken Livingstone and Transport for London, but have failed to win over the support of London’s workforce.

Commuters have already set up twelve groups protesting against the RMT union, four against the union’s general secretary Bob Crow and five against the collapsed maintenance firm Metronet. Highlights include groups named: “RMT union members suck”, “Bob Crow needs a damn good thrashing”, “I hate the RMT”, and “Another tube strike! The RMT and Bob Crow can suck my balls”.

Despite the frenzy of anti-strike protests online, the RMT has not made any effort to communicate its cause to those affected commuters through the social network…

We can only assume that Bob Crow won’t be receiving too many invites to be people’s friend on Facebook today…

Team Tamar