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Google ‘Related Searches’ are they ever updated?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
6 August 2007

Why are the Google Related Searches never updated?

We have been watching the Google Related searches for quite a while now and while we are still intrigued as to where exactly they come from it appears that they never seem to change. If Google is all about relevancy how can these remain relevant with no apparent change for the last two to three months? That’s the case across many of the search terms we are watching and you would assume there would be some manner of update.

I like the idea of having related searches but in a recent article we wrote how Ask is doing this really quite well and to be fair to them they seem to update their own version of related searches – called Narrow Your Search, and there is an option to Expand Your Search as well!

I think we would like to see some sort of update take place on the Related Searches. If you spot any changes do let us know!



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