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Top three search do’s and don’ts

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
17 July 2007

Do you want to know what will get your site dropped and what will improve your rankings?

We had an internal poll and here are the top three do’s and don’ts!


  • Add tracking to URLs – we all want to know where users are coming from and what they do but adding the wrong sort of tracking may affect your SEO health!
  • Change your URL nomenclature and forget to 301 redirect the old ones to the new ones – all that lovely page history lost!
  • Choose a CMS that will rewrite your URLs with multiple variables – if your pages cannot be indexed they cannot be found by users. Keep URLs simple!


  • Add fresh content – search engines love new, relevant information.
  • Make sure each page has its own identity – whether niche or general information each page has to stand up in its own right.
  • Keep your architecture flat and make sure those spiders can find your deep pages

Neil says: ‘While this is not a definitive list and is quite likely to change, probably by tomorrow, some good points are raised. Quite often changes are made to sites with the best of intentions but inadvertantly cause problems’.

‘Likewise, when changes are planned there may be opportunities beyond those proposed to help increase the performance of your site’.



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