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London now top of the league on Facebook

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
31 July 2007

According to several news articles this week, London has seemingly taken the top spot from Toronto as the biggest Facebook "network" in the world. The London network now boasts appro 850,000 members, and is growing at a rate of 6% a week – double the average of the rest of the site. But what are the other UK cities on Facebook up to? To find out, we did some digging around and have compiled for you the first UK Top 10 Facebook Networks list…

As of July 31st at 9.15am…

1. London — (849,348 members)
2. Manchester — (187,240 members)
3. West Midlands — (155,471 members)
4. Leeds — (93,091 members)
5. Wales — (88,253 members)
6. Bristol — (87,576 members)
7. Newcastle — (59,185 members)
8. Portsmouth — (59,050 members)
9. Brighton — (57,826 members)
10. Nottingham — (54,177 members)

The rest of the networks in the UK that don’t quite make the list are: Sheffield (48,385); Leicester (40,075); Plymouth (30,060); Edinburgh (27,637); Glasgow (20,538); Aberdeen (7,642); Dundee (3,713)



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