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How quick is Google to update their blog index?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
30 July 2007

Get indexed on Google Blog in under two minutes, maybe less!

Just a short piece here on how quick Google is to index content on their BlogSearch tool.

A recent study by Blogstorm found that it takes less than two minutes to be indexed and found in the Google Blog Search Tool. Another study found that results could be in the main Google Index in less than an hour. (Thanks to Bill Slawski for getting me thinking about this!)

Of course Blogs are helped by the fact that it is possible to automatically ‘ping’ various feeds so they are updated very quickly and while speed is not always the be all and end all I think it shows that Google is trying to get more relevant and in ‘real’ time by being able to respond to current events. We have seen that blog items and news items can appear very quickly in their specific vertical searches and in turn these can feed back into real time results in the Google SERPs. And given the way Google is changing with the introduction of their Universal Search it makes sense to be in as many of the Google ‘vertical’ channels aspossible. 

To make sure you are listed in the Blog Search your blog should publish a site feed in either RSS or Atom. And make sure your Blog is set up to ‘ping’ various sites each time you publish a new article. This is usually done in the management area of your blog or can be done manually or even using the Google Blog Search Pinging Service API. 

There is no guarantee your pages will be listed or rank well, but if you have a blog do keep it up to date and make sure you are covering all the obvious bases.


This blog post took less than one minute from going live to be included in the Google Blog Search Tool and less than 6 hours into the main Google index!



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