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Help Shape Google Webmaster Tools

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
23 July 2007

Matt Cutts, Head of Google Spam Team fame, is currently running a poll and suggestion area where you can add your thoughts on what the Webmaster Central team should be devloping next.

The link is on Matt Cutts to vote and add your thoughts.

Nice of Matt to do this and while there is no guarantee that anything will be acted upon my guess is we will see some of these appear at some stage!

The Poll asks the following questions and you have to pick one that you would like to see.

Tell Google the correct country or language for a site
Show causes of 404 errors
Show links on your site that are broken
Tool to help move from one domain to a new domain
More documentation and examples
Diagnostic wizard for common site problems
Tools for detecting or reporting duplicate content
Score the crawlability or accessibility of pages
More information about penalties or other scoring issues
Ability to show/download all pages from a site (e.g. if your server crashed) s
Some type of rank checking
Show PageRank numbers instead of none/low/medium/high
Show pages that don’t validate
Tell Google a parameter doesn’t matter
A way to list supplemental result pages
Integrate "Add URL" feature
Option to "disavow" backlinks from or to a site
Fetch a page as Googlebot to verify correct behavior

533 people have voted so far, make it one more and help shape Google!



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