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Google becoming a telecom player?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
21 July 2007

Google to move into telecom sector?

This could be happening sooner rather than later according to a report in todays Times. Assuming the right conditions are met when the US airwaves are auctioned off it looks like Google is going to get into the emerging 4G market.

There is currently a bit of a stand off in the US between existing mobile companies and technology companies as to what conditions are attached to the new ‘spectrum’ licences. The mobile companies appear unwilling to let users make free calls via the web and are hoping to lock them into certain networks.

The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, said that those in possession of the new licensees should lease spectrum on "reasonably nondiscriminatory, commercial terms".

So it looks like there is still a bit of work for the Federal Communications Commission to do before the auction takes place!

Speaking of which analysts have estimated that the auction will raise as much $20 billion for the Treasury, much like it did in the UK.



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