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The penultimate day on site

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
14 June 2007

As the week goes on we are facing more and more unexpected challenges,
but the majority are being overcome and it’s only a few big ones that
we may have to admit defeat on.

The weather this morning was perfect on site, with some cloud cover
but nothing major. However, as the day drew on the clouds got thicker
and by 3pm it was tipping it down with rain. Everyone trooped on
valiantly, and everything we wanted to achieve at the start of the day
got finished.

The status of the various jobs as of this evening is:

  • The glazing of the old windows around the school is complete, and
    some of the glass for the windows in the new glassroom is being fitted
  • The basketball hoops are in place and concreted in – hopefully the rain won’t stop them setting!
  • The mural is almost complete, and a frame has been constructed for it using old wood from some of the old blackboards.
  • The paving on the verander is complete, with a small amount of edging still needed
  • All the plastering is complete, the walls for the toilets are built
    and the first coat of PVA and paint has been added to the walls in the
    new classroom
  • The rubble has all been moved to the back field where it will be collected tomorrow (somehow)
  • The jungle gym (except roof) is completely done and a HUGE pile of chippings and bark has been moved underneath the equipment
  • The doors for the new building have been planed, painted and varnished

Will we get everything done in time? Come back tomorrow to find out!
The penultimate day on site



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