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Related Searches – What are they?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
6 June 2007

Good old Google, just when you thought you were getting a grip with
Universal Search a new element attaches itself to the bottom of the
results page – Related Searches.

So what are they and more importantly how do you get your site listed on them?

Well, the bottom line is no one really knows (except Google) but we
can take some educated guesses and see how they evolve and draw
conclusions from that.

However, the best guess seems to be is that they are a mix of
search-frequency info, and the ‘refinements’ come from social seeding
(this is using humans with specific expertise to suggest and tag
authoritative sites), tagging and measures of user satisfaction.

Which all sounds a bit too vague in terms of me wanting to implement things right away but it’s a start.

We are continuing to dig deep and when we have actionable points we will let you know exactly what to do!

And in the meantime we have some canny ideas on how to use these for other SEO related activity – ask me how!



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