11 June 2007 |

Day one on site!

Well, after almost 6 months planning and numberous sleepless nights for
all involved, day 1 on site has finally arrived. Having flown in to
Cape Town on the weekend, we arrived at Guguletu at 8am sharp on Monday
Morning and were immediately confronted by a shell of a classroom,
almost two weeks behind schedule due to the bad weather.

Monday itself continued this trend and saw us all soaked to the
skin around the site, mucking in to make up some of the lost time.

Some of the jobs that were begun on monday include:

  • Starting to cut, measure, assemble and cement the jungle gym children’s play frame
  • Moving over 2,000 roof tiles from the front of the school to the new classrooms
  • Digging holes and cutting large metal poles for the veranda at the front of the school
  • Marking out (with award winning precision) a brand new basketball court
  • Removing the old blackboards from all the classrooms in preparation for the new ones
  • Moving a LOAD of rubble from around the site in to various piles (the locals are allowed to sell used bricks)
  • A grand but ultimately unpopular attempt at plastering!

All in all it was a very successful day all round, though there were some very tired looking faces by the
end of the day.

Day one on site!

Tanya Goodin

Tamar Founder & Owner

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