18 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Universal search launched by Google

Google has launched and is rolling out its new ‘universal’ offering.
What is this? Well, it is where results from regular web searches are
integrated with results from all of Google’s vertical search
properties, such as image, video, maps, local and blogs. This could
mean there are fewer spots up for grabs on their natural listings, in
much the same way that has been proposed for ‘personalised search’.

Google made it clear that this is simply the first component of a larger initiative, and that there is much more to come.

Neil says:

‘Google is always changing – that’s what makes it so successful
and fun to work with. Understanding how to feed information into Google
so that your site features has always been the challenge and now the
scope for how you appear just got bigger!’

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar