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Tamar Goes to China – SES Strategies 2007

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
21 May 2007

Later this week we will be attending the second Search Engine
Strategies Conference to be held in China, this year the event is in

One of the most exciting reasons for going is getting a chance to talk at close hand with the engineers behind www.baidu.com, China’s biggest and most successful search engine as well as www.google.com. We are hoping to get a chance to find out what the future developments are likely to be.

Even though www.baidu.com is not as well known over in the UK there is a lot that can be learned from work being done to develop their engine.

We are also really keen to understand the Chinese market. With a
huge rate of growth and many UK and US companies locating businesses in
China understanding consumer and business behaviour could be key for
successful online platforms.

Hopefully I will get a chance to pin down Matt Cutts colleague
Jianfei Zhu who is a part of the Google Webspam Team, he is now based
in China, Japan and Korea – but spam is spam! Always interesting to
hear their thinking particularly in light of recent events with many so
sites being penalised or relegated.

We also want to hook up with Dr Lu who runs www.blogdriver.com as well as Chinese Search Engine www.booso.com. What can we learn from their Search Engine and Blog activity?

Getting feedback and information from a slightly different angle is always hugely interesting and useful.

So expect lots of stories and photos as our trip develops and if
any of you have any questions you want answered email or speak to any
of the Tamar Search Team. We usually manage to hog the microphones at
the events or corner unsuspecting engineers in late night bars!

P.S. For those of you who are worried that my Mandarin is not as good as it should be the event is a bilingual one!

Tamar Goes to China - SES Strategies 2007



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