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Live from Cape Town

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
24 May 2007

With the deadline of the 8th of June looming large the builders are working
frantically to get the main structure of the classroom built on time.

Construction was halted at the weekend due to gale force winds and
driving rain. Living up to its reputation as the Cape of Storms, Cape Town
experienced record rainfall, low temperatures and in some places even snow.
Fortunately the weather cleared up on Monday and the builders got back to work.

The construction schedule is as follows. The foundations and floor slab
are due to be completed tomorrow (25th of May) and will dry over the weekend.
Next week (28 May to 1 June) the walls will go up and the following week (4 June
– 8 June) the roof will go on. At this stage we’re just hoping the rain will
stay away. Not long to go now!



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