26 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

China SES – Day Two! Saturday 26 May

After a good nights kip in the worlds largest bed I got ready for day 2
of the SES Conference. Today the focus was more on ‘regular’ SEO rather
than China, but there was still some room for further information to be
had. For today I decided to use the headphones for translation, just to
see how it worked and generally it was very good. The first session I
went to was ‘Searcher Behaviour’ with presentations by Gord Hotchkiss
and Hu Yanping among others. While the focus was on China, there were
some nice points made about US and European searcher habits. Here are
the main findings:

  • US has 154m online (7/10 of population), China has 150m (1/10 of population!)
  • Baidu has 62% of market, Google 20%
  •     Searcher behaviour is quite different in China
  •     US, average 7-10 seconds scanning a page of Google results
  •     China, average 30 seconds scanning a page of Google results
  •     China scan across and down in equal measure
  •     Less trust in top results
  •     After 3 seconds in China they are already looking at 4 results, US still at 1.
  •     In China there is far less interaction with sponsored links
  •     Baidu users try another search rather than go to the second page
  •     China search is for ‘entertainment’ rather than commerce/business
  •     People use discussion boards to talk about search results in China.

Linking Strategies

Next up linking strategies featuring Mike Grehan and Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ, always good to hear what he has to say.

Not surprisingly Rand once again pushed the importance of content.
OK, we all know links are mega important but for long term it is
crucial to get the content going so do start thinking about this again.
There are many ways to get content going on your site but above all
make it original and compelling – a great way to create link bait.
Incidentally, people who link (usually the young, tecchie types) are
called ‘tyre kickers’! Currently the Chinese and Asian search engines
are not as based on links as the US and Europe but this is likely to
change. A top tip – get all your content (per topic) onto one page
rather than on five. This helps concentrate the link love you will get.

David Nu from Buddy TV had a couple of neat ideas that are worth
mentioning. Make lists, people love lists, so Top Tens are always good.
Another one for getting links is to actually phone people – yikes! OK,
we can try that. But it makes sense to build relationships and trust
with people you want to get links from. Just make sure there is
something in it for the user. Finally a word from Rand on sub-domains,
these should not really be used in an ideal world, there are situations
where they can and do work (more later on that!) but ideally the site
should resolve to site.com/page rather than subdomain.site.com. More
later on Enterprise Optimisation and what to do with your domain! China SES – Day Two! Saturday 26 May

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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