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Two good reasons to have accessible sites

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 April 2007

If your site is not accessible then you could face legal action and
suffer terrible publicity. One of the most famous cases was against the
Sydney Olympics Committee in 2000. The owners of the website were
ordered to pay compensation of $20,000 Australian dollars.

A further reason why accessibility is important to your site is that
there are over 8m people with disabilities in the UK with a combined
spending power estimated at £45bn per year.

‘The blind and partially sighted net users that I have spoken to are
overwhelmingly positive about the internet, and the web in particular.
It is so liberating to be able to shop without asking a sighted friend
to help, or to read the news or a book without assistance from a
sighted person. Even the ability to check a train time online makes
such a huge difference to a blind manager who wants to arrange his own
travel to a meeting.’ Julie Howell, RNIB

Jocelyn says:

"Tamar stays up to date and adheres to the latest accessibility standards."



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