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Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
13 April 2007

The number of video downloads on the internet in the past two years
has increased exponentially. According to Alexa, Youtube’s traffic has
grown from zero to a daily reach of 9% of all internet users. With so
much video out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get
yours viewed.

Search engines can struggle to index video and they need as much help
as possible to index the video fully. To do this you need to:

  • Surround the video with as much descriptive text on the page as possible.
  • Keep the titles on your pages relevant so that crawlers know what is supposed to be on the page.
  • Avoid pop-up videos – they are isolated and have no related content surrounding them.

The editing and structure of your video is also quite important. There
are a number of factors that contribute toward the success of your
video, including ownership and identification. The very first and the
final frame of the video should contain your logo and strapline as
these frames are always the most visible and should not be wasted.

Robin says:

"The crazier your video, the more certain you can be that the thronging masses of the web 2.0 scene will want to see it."



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