3 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Google mobile search and Yahoo! launches new publishing services

Tuesday saw Google release their upgraded WAP-based search to an
interface that is more small-screen friendly, and which incorporates
pared-down results and personalisation according to location. There is
an option to add and remove info you want (such as stock updates to the
home page), so reducing the number of clicks needed to get to the page
you are looking for. Only mobile-friendly sites are included in the
results and these results will be based on the nature of the query, so
there is no need to tab through the types of search. Check it out here
Google mobile search

Yahoo! has simultaneously announced its new services for those
wanting to publish mobile content and ads. Yahoo! already has a mobile
search directory, oneSearch, but this will make it easier for
publishers to submit content to the network. This is hard on the heels
of the Yahoo! announcement that oneSearch will be available on 85% of
web-enabled mobile phones.

This morning MSN has announced the limited launch of Deepfish, a new
mobile browsing experience. The preview is available for download now
for Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices. The interface downloads a thumbnail of
the page and lets you zoom in and out to see the part of the page you

Tanya says:

‘The changes that we are seeing rolled out from the Search
Engine giants this week are the tail end of more than five years of
development. A huge amount of research has gone into making it easier
to be able to search on the move. The implications for site owners who
want to reach customers via their handsets are clear – they need
mobile-friendly sites which are optimised for mobile search.’

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar