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Will Social Media Optimization be the new way to go?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
15 March 2007

By now many online marketers are wondering what SMO (Social Media
Optimization) needs to conquer for it to become the number1 marketing
strategy! Although SMO is but only an infant, already a set of laws and
concepts are taking shape.

SEO have been around for just over a decade, yet most corporations
have not yet been introduced to SEO and therefore they will have no
appreciation for this method of marketing. If you take a close look at
the changes talking place at the world of search; Social Media is
taking flight and will be flying high for a very long time.
Corporations now need to change their marketing strategies to keep up
with the “now” else they will lose out!

A few good examples of Social Media sites are listed below. These sites are known as the most visited in the world! 

• YouTube

• Digg.com

• Del.icio.us

Web marketing has now revealed a whole different ball game and question is; are corporation willing to place bets and play?

The proven theory of web marketing = visitors = high rankings have
now changed and everyone is moving towards where the masses go.

So what are the rules and regulations of SMO and how does it work?
I wish I could list a few rules but with SMO no rule book was written
yet and we are all learning and making them up as we go along!

Crystal Says:

"Social Media Networking is here to stay and in my opinion the
true value of testing and SEO will soon be realized. It will be very
exiting to watch the Social media network grow!



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