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Where in the world has my site gone?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
30 March 2007

We all know that results on Google will change, often from day to
day. That’s the ‘everflux’ for you. But, even with these rolling
changes, you get used to your site being within a range of positions.
So, when you run a quick check early in the morning and your site isn’t
there your heart suddenly stops – have we been banned? The answer is
almost certainly ‘no’. What has happened is that Google is struggling
with some geo-targeting issues, in other words it is still deciding
where your site should be displayed in the results. Typically a site
will be ‘out’ of the results for between two days and a week, but don’t
panic, you will return!

Neil says:

‘This was supposed to have been sorted out a couple of months
ago but it has reared its head again. There is not much you can do but
we will check the datacenters and, as long as you are on these, you
will return.’



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