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Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
16 March 2007

Social responsibility is extremely important to me on a personal and
corporate level. This year we’re doing our first large-scale CSR project. It’s
something I’ve wanted to do for many years and I feel very lucky that we’re now
at the stage where we can spend time and money on this.

Obviously we
operate in two locations globally, so we could have done a project in the UK,
but it terms of need there’s really no contest between the kind of deprivation
we see in the UK and that in South Africa so it was an easy choice as to where
to focus our energies. We had a list of 9 projects that we were interested in
getting involved with in Cape Town, we had an initial meeting and short-listed
them down to 3. The key criteria for selecting the project for our involvement
were as follows:

  • Leave something tangible
  • Physical rather then cerebral
  • Proximity to Cape Town Team
  • A project that will knit the UK and SA offices together
  • Working with children/youth
  • On-going relationship


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