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Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
9 March 2007

Google is very much into gathering information on user behaviour via
the ever more ubiquitous Google Toolbar or by recording online-actions
of those who are signed into their Google accounts. This information is
now being used to personalise the search results. The question on
everyone’s mind is how this will impact on SEO. In a recent interview
Google’s Matt Cutts said, ‘More people can show up at number one, but
for a smaller volume of queries.’ Focus therefore needs to shift from
the trophy terms to the tail of the searches. Sites need to make sure
the onsite content caters to varied niche terms that can drive traffic.

Neil says:

‘Personalised search is already here, albeit in a quiet way. But
it is going to impact on us all – and sooner rather than later – so now
is the time to start preparing. And if you aren’t, your competitors may
well be.’



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