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Have your site on everyone’s PC – another viral craze!

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
29 March 2007

Microsoft’s latest OS has made it into the homes of many users in
the past couple of months. Vista grabbed attention with their funky
layout and gadgets, especially the gadget sidebar which is enabled by
default. Gadgets are great for creating buzz and the more you can
personalise it the bigger the buzz.

Picture a gadget providing features, updates or useful information
about your website or company. A company called Gadget Spark are making
this viral marketing initiative a reality by combining your website’s
information, tools and content to create a quality gadget! This is one
of the best viral marketing ideas thus far as it will reach the
sidebars of users across the world and can only grow from there.

Crystal says:

"Having your website on everyone’s PC is now a reality. Many online businesses could benefit from this." 



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