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Fundraising update

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
23 March 2007


I’m leading the CSR project along with Myles from the Cape
Town office. I’m one of the designers at Tamar, so obviously project managing
the building of a school in a foreign country is something I have never done
before. But with the help of Across the Divide and the brilliant steering team
things are pulling together.

Every month we have a day-long meeting to
catch up and see how we are all progressing with our individual projects.

Our main goal for this week’s meeting was to leave with a fixed total
for how much we need to raise. This total is £20,818. £12,000 of that is for the
building costs and £8,818 is for other equipment we would like to donate such as
blackboards and a second hand piano. A full breakdown of costs will be available
on the website which will launch next week.

Now we’ve got the total, the
next and immediate job is the logistics of how we raise the money… So will keep
you posted.

Any questions about the project please visit the website at:

The Headmaster and I in front of the land where
we will be building the new school.

Fundraising update



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