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The Web 2.0 advertising machine

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
27 February 2007

‘Web 2.0 has the ability to offer business opportunities that far
surpass those of traditional marketing channels,’ says Laurel Papworth,
Online Communities Strategist of consultancy World Communities.

While perceived as being influenced by a bunch of tech-crazed
teenagers operating in a virtual world of social media websites,
research has revealed that more than half the visitors to popular
social sites like MySpace are in their mid 30s. Web 2.0 has been proven
to deliver significantly improved loyalty, brand and support from
traditional media and is moving into the mainstream as a marketing

This is a scary new world for corporates that tend toward media in
which they can tightly control their image. With Web 2.0 content
generated in online discussions and communities can be negative, but
the value of getting your target demographic to come up with ways of
marketing your product is priceless.

"Ask your consumer to create an ad for your products and services, and
you’ll be amazed," says Papworth. "If you want the truth in
advertising, ask your customers; your marketing will be better for it."

It is interesting to note the reaction by Coke and Mentos to online
video hits with exploding bottles. Their response was to sponsor this
choregraphed video which has atttracted more than 5 million viewers. Mentos and Diet Coke

Myles says:

"It will be interesting to track the growth, development and use of web 2.0 by online marketers".



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