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Google Analytics Data; Anytime, Anywhere

18 July 2014 | Isobel Capelin

Google have been pretty busy recently, releasing 4 new iOS apps this month alone, but the most talked about has got to be the newly unveiled Google Analytics app. Finally Apple users will be able […]

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Which players took home trophies in the Twitter World Cup?

15 July 2014 | Henry Elliss

As you may have seen over on our Twitter feed, we’ve spent the World Cup watching the players both on the pitch and on social media. Just like we did during the London 2012 Olympics, […]

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Has the world got bored of the Tour de France?

8 July 2014 | Henry Elliss

Even the most ardent anti-sports people will be hard-pressed to disagree that 2014 is an impressive year for sports. With the World Cup, Winter Oympics and Commonwealth Games all making a massive impact on our […]

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11 Ways Search and Social Make the Ultimate Power Couple

7 July 2014 | Isobel Capelin

The Marriage Between Social Media and Search You’d be surprised to know that it wasn’t until relatively recently that brands stopped seeing organic search and social media as completely independent of one another. Despite the […]

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4 important tips for managing a site migration

2 July 2014 | Aarti Ohri

If you run a website, chances are you’re going to need to address a site migration at some point in its lifetime. Whether you’ve changed domain names, re-platformed or simply made major changes to your structure, […]

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10 bite-sized social media facts from the World Cup

30 June 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Over half-way through the World Cup, and the way global brands have been capitalising on the event is impressive. We’ve had some innovative marketing thanks to Suarez’s bite, more Facebook conversations than the Winter Olympics, […]

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Producing great blog content: 5 tips you can’t afford to miss

30 June 2014 | Valentin Boulan

  In recent years, Google’s algorithm updates (and Panda in particular) have emphasised the importance of content quality as indicators of site authority, and thus visibility in search results. Consequently, content marketing has become a very prominent […]

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SocialCup: the World Cup Edition – bloggers’ predictions…

12 June 2014 | Valentin Boulan

At Tamar, we love sport and pride ourselves in our ability to spot and analyse social media trends. That is why as part of our #Go4Greatness series, we introduce SocialCup: The World Cup Edition, our […]

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TouchScore Sport and SocialCup: the Twitter World Cup table

12 June 2014 | Henry Elliss

TouchScore Sport 2014 Back in February we introduced you to our “TouchScore Sport 2014” project – a year-long initiative to track how effectively the biggest sporting brands in the UK are capitalising on 2014′s amazing […]

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Run and hide, the pre-teens are coming to Facebook… Maybe

10 June 2014 | Isobel Capelin

Facebook might be planning to open up their platform to the pre-teens; could this be their way of enticing back the youth that they are losing? Between 2011 and 2014, Facebook reportedly lost more than […]