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What can we learn from #nomakeupselfie?

23 April 2014 | Isobel Capelin

The Word of 2013 was awarded to “selfie” by the Oxford English Dictionary, and its popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Last month you may have noticed your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds [...]

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Advertising Week Europe: 10 stories that made a big impact

4 April 2014 | Tanya Goodin

All this week we’ve been enjoying events down at Advertising Week Europe here in London – with over 200 sessions spread over 6 locations and 4 days, the amount of discussion and debate going on [...]

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Battle of the insurance brands – Who has the most engaged fans?

1 April 2014 | Henry Elliss

When it comes to social media measurement, there’s a lot of confusion over what measurement constitutes ‘success’ – and which metrics are just fluff. Raw and easy-to-compare numbers likes ‘Fans’ and ‘Followers’ are all well [...]

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Facebook buys virtual reality firm Oculus for $2 bn

26 March 2014 | Valentin Boulan

Yesterday, Facebook announced the purchase of virtual reality technology firm Oculus for $2 bn. The deal will include $400m in cash, as well an additional $1.6bn in Facebook shares. On top of that, the employees [...]

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Brands: Facebook wants your money, and you’re going to give it to them. Here’s why

20 March 2014 | Henry Elliss

According to a widely-quoted story from ‘Valleywag’, a source at Facebook has leaked the news that FB will soon reduce the visibility of Page posts to 1-2%. According to the un-named source, the social networking [...]

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Scrabble – Epically failing online since 2008. But why?

18 March 2014 | Henry Elliss

In these days of social gaming, it’s easy to assume that every game ever invented has the opportunity to take on a new lease of life. In lots of cases, this is true – Only [...]

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5 ways that Facebook’s page redesign completely misses the point

11 March 2014 | Henry Elliss

The team over at Facebook Business have just announced the details of the latest redesign for pages, with a number of major changes to the layout and functionality included. The changes are apparently designed to [...]

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Is your search strategy for Google suitable for Baidu?

10 March 2014 | Valentin Boulan

Established in 2000, Baidu is the largest search engine in China. Despite the recent emergence of rival search engine Qihoo, and despite the fact that their index ‘only’ includes around 740 million pages to date [...]

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8 Inspirational women in digital

7 March 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Inspired by International Women’s Day on March 8th, here at Tamar we’ve been talking about the inspirational women who have made an impact in our own industry. As a digital agency with a history of [...]

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5 things you need to know about a Google Penalty

3 March 2014 | Asad Imam

If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of a Google penalty, consider yourself lucky. A Google penalty (sometimes referred to as a ‘manual action’) is applied to a site when Google finds out that [...]